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We specialize in Seamless Eavestrough Systems

Eavestroughs are part of your home's rainwater management system that evacuates water collected by the roof and redirects it away from your home. Eavestroughs help to prevent mold growth, deck and foundation damage, ice buildups, wet basements and landscape destruction. When the build up of debris in your gutter prevents rapid water runoff, the effectiveness of this system is greatly compromised and also creates the perfect breeding environment for mosquitos.

Seamless Aluminum Eavestroughing

Our specialty is seamless eavestroughing. Have our professional team visit your home with our specialized equipment to fabricate eavestrough that is the entire length of your home. Thereby eliminating seams and any potential for leaks.

Our superior fastening system utilizes the very best hidden hanger there is on the market. This eliminates the old way of installing eavestrough with spikes and furrells which can be seen through the front of the eavestrough and tend to work loose over time. Vinyl Pros uses a hidden bracket system which incorporates heavy duty hangars, which are always screwed, never nailed.

  • We offer up to 37 different colors to suit each project and taste.
  • We offer a variety of downpipes and always use downpipe outlets.
  • We install larger downpipe and elbows to increase drainage on larger roofs.
  • We extrude heavy-duty .024 gauge aluminum or pre-painted steel for extra durable eavestrough.
  • We use strip mitres rather than box mitres for a neater appearance.
  • We install backflashing dripedge, when the shingle edges have curled.
  • We water test all trough runs to ensure proper drainage and no water is laying in your trough, after a rain storm.
  • We provide a 5-year workmanship warranty for peace of mind.

Seamless Steel Eavestroughing

Steel gutter is fabricated the same way as aluminum but is incredibly more durable. The galvanized steel is painted on both sides inside and out. We recommend that steel trough be installed on homes that have steel roofs. We have found through experience that steel trough takes the punishment from ice slides much better.

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Seamless Copper Systems

For those looking for the very best of material and would like to experience the old world Charm of copper, we offer seamless copper systems. Copper is perfect for historic homes, as well as those looking to accentuate the elegance of your home.

  • Vinyl Pros copper systems are installed with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail.
  • Our copper systems are installed using brass hangers and stainless steel fasteners.
  • All of our corners are hand mitered and soldered for a long lasting and durable seal.
  • We also offer a variety of collector pots, and pipe straps, which add a decorative look to your downspouts.

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Leaf Guard Systems

We install only Superior Fastening &
Leaf Guard Systems

For anyone who has trees on or around their property, you know how how many times a year the gutters have to be cleaned out to keep them functioning properly. Vinyl Pros has experience with a variety of different products and can recommend a leaf guard system that will give you performance plus value to suit your specific project.

When the build up of debris in your gutter prevents rapid water runoff, the effectiveness of the system is greatly compromised and also creates the perfect breeding environment for mosquitos.

Why choose the Alu-rex System?

  • Vinyl Pros have tried many different types of leaf guard systems available and feel most comfortable in recommending the “Alu-rex System”.
  • This product performs excellent but does not carry the outrageous price tag of some of the other products on the market.
  • Unlike many other products, this leaf guard system cannot be seen from the ground which keeps your home looking neat and tidy.
  • Adds strength and rigidity to your eavestrough system.
  • Prevents blockage in your eavestrough from leaves and debris.
  • Eliminates the hazardous job of cleaning out your eavestrough.

*Vinyl Pros advises people to proceed with care in shopping the marketplace for leaf guard systems. Many products make outrageous claims and are very expensive.

In our opinion, the Alu-rex System is the best value for your money.

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